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Everything For The Savvy Real Estate Investor !
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Buy & Hold Deals!
Rehabs / Fixers!

"We can find deals, run our numbers, make our offers, and get funded from our living room when we have time. Awesome!"
"We don't have to work harder than the big investors. What we do is access better information than they have."

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            UP TO $250,000 - WITHIN 7 DAYS

100% Down Payment Funding

Buy property with nothing out of pocket
Avoid having to take on investment partner(s)
Increase the amount of equity you could acquire


Purchase properties outright no collateral
Funding for your rehab / renovation
Continue to use your funds for additional properties


Add to or enhance the value of your properties
Avoid costly and time consuming appraisals
Funding for products and/or contractors


Buy properties for 100% cash and continue using your funds
Avoid having to wait for funding or approval No losing out on deals
Use your funds for properties anywhere in the country or world no restrictions


Choice of residential, commercial, mixed use in any state
Avoid appraisal and approval delays
Continue to use your funds for additional properties


Avoid factoring get all of the materials and labor you need
Be able to finance multiple projects simultaneously for maximum profit
We have been involved with and/or assisted in obtaining equity and debt financing for hotel and motel projects, golf courses, resorts, entertainment projects, shopping malls, housing projects, and assisted living projects throughout the world.

Our company is a direct lender - not an insurance company. Our customers can benefit from the best loan-matching mechanism in the sphere of personal borrowing, business crediting and mortgages.

We offer simple and easy online application for short term, emergency and unsecured loans for consumers and business owners, merchant cash advances, term business loans, business lines of credit, mortgages and home equity loans.

In every of our loans, there are origination fees, we charge 2.5 of the principal loan amount, to be paid at The Conditional Approval Stage. Our company requires you to have a collateral the amount to be financed.

We only accept real estate properties as collateral. Below is a list of properties we accept.

-Residential Properties(NOO)
-Apartment Buildings
-Office Buildings
-Mixed-use properties
-Retail properties
-Multi Family
-Self Storage
-Mobile Home/RV Parks

We offer two different loan Programs, and our Programs below will be based upon the Integrity & Credibility of the Borrower

Loans Lite programs.

Loans up to $30,000,000
Secured and Unsecured Available
Closing - MAX. 4 working days
Flexible Repayment / Repayments
Lend Direct With Us
Interest only 5 APR

Loans Extra programs.
Loans up to $100,000,000
Secured Available
Closing - MAX. 7 working days
MIN. 12 Months Repayments Available
Lend Direct With Us
MIN. Interest 8.5 APR

Rehab loans have done 80% of purchase 100% of the rehab financing
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Here's To Your Success In Real Estate Investing !!